Deep Bodywork




Postural Analysis

Spinal Adjustment

Craniosacral Balancing

Joint Release

Energy Work

Since more than three decades Gyandeva works with healing arts and meditation.
He was trained in 'Rebalancing' - holistic structural body work, as well as
Energy Work, Spinal Adjustment and Craniosacral Balancing
Holding a diploma in Sport Massage from Frankfurt/Germany he ran his own
successful practice in Munich for several years.
Gyandeva was a bodywork teacher at the Multiversity in Pune/India,
and while working extensively with trainings, workshops and individual sessions
he came to find his own unique way.
The result is a holistic bodywork that is profound and gentle at the same time,
reaching the core of Being.
In an atmosphere of loving care clients experience an effortless letting go of tensions
and the natural joy of having inner and outer space.


Contact: gyandeva(at)