Simply Being Sessions with Avinash

Counseling - Tarot - Chakra Energy

The sessions with Avinash help you to:

- See yourself in the mirror of Being

- Bring clarity around work, health, travel,    spirituality...

- Deeper understand your relationship with your    partner, father, mother, children, teacher or    anyone and resolve past or present difficulties

- Get support when you are going through changes,    be it practical or emotional

- Start creatively a new phase in life - like your    birthday or the beginning of a new year

- Open your heart for healing and harmony

- Let your inner wisdom show you the right    direction

- Reveal the essence of your Being

The ´Simply Being` sessions give you a unique opportunity to share
what is really going on in the moment in your life.
You can ask the questions needed for clarification and listen to the wisdom of your own heart.
Bring light into the here and now and solve life issues - in Avinash´s loving presence.
Since more then three decades Avinash dedicates her life to working with people.
She is Brazilian and shares the Truth of Being through individual/group sessions and retreats.
Meeting Master Osho at the age of 16, she started to learn meditation and the world of spirituality.
Avinash studied professionally the arts of Counseling,Tarot, Chakra-Energy, Psychic Massage, Breath Therapy and Reiki.
She was a teacher at the International Multiversity and Mystery School in Pune/India and at the Hamburg Therapy Institute in Germany.
From 1991-1997 she lived in the presence of Master Papaji in Lucknow/India.
Attending his daily Satsangs he once told her to "Speak the silence she had found like the Buddha did after his enlightenment".

*Individual Sessions by Telephone, E-mail or Skype Video
-Only for those who already know the work or are indicated by a friend
-The sessions are held in English or Portuguese and last about 1 1/2 hours.

For further information and appointment booking mail to: