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Bahia Retreat
Bahia Meeting
Bahia Retreat

Sharing, Silence, Meditation, Tarot, Bhajan Singing, Nature Walks...

Bahia Retreat
Yogafestival Berlin
Bahia Retreat
Arunachala Retreat

The retreats give a beautiful unique opportunity to meet yourself in Being and
to clarify anything that is needed for you at this moment in your life.
In an atmosphere of loving quietness you can return to yourself,
your own true nature into the here and now.
Be welcome!


Bahia - Brazil 2016

March 11-13 & 24-27 2016
Salvador Retreats


Germany Summer 2016

Bookings and information: info(at)avinash-gyandeva.com

E-mail: info(at)avinash-gyandeva.com