Gyandeva with Osho 1980
Since many years Avinash and Gyandeva are sharing 'Simply Being'.
Their unique way of working with people reflects a life of dedication to spirituality and meditation as well as their professional skills as therapists.
Living for a long time in the presence of the masters Osho (1977-1990) and Papaji (1991-1997) they learned the art of being in the moment.
With Papaji in Lucknow 91The emphasis of their work is to instantly create space for what is beyond body-mind-emotions,
while applying therapy when needed.
Avinash and Gyandeva's clear and unpretentious approach has helped many people to dissolve unnecessary beliefs and welcome joy and freedom.
Participants of 'Simply Being' value a quality of effortless awareness combined with a loving presence. They get motivated to stay in the heart of the Now and take this alertness with them into their daily life.

Meetings and retreats happen presently in Germany and Brazil, accompanied by individual sessions.


" Gyandeva and Avinash will bring many people here."

E-mail: info(at)avinash-gyandeva.com